• vrijdag, 18 augustus 2017: British Acro Festival 2017

    British Acro Festival is BACK!


    There is a separate registration form for people under 18 here -

    This year, we've hired an enormous sports hall in Cambridge for 3 full days.

    There'll be workshops from all levels of standing acro to popping to washing machines and beyond. The space is MASSIVE and will easily be big enough to have 4 consecutive workshops, and plenty of jam space besides.

    Last year, the skill and dedication of the teachers and students was beyond incredible, and the atmosphere was fantastic. So, we're doing it again ^_^

    TEACHERS confirmed and announced so far:
    Acro Bart (Bart Venne)
    Scott and Michaela
    Jaqui Wan
    Neilon Pitamber
    Hugo Hanssen
    Kit Eckersley

    TIMETABLE (approximate):
    Friday: 11am - 10pm
    Saturday: 9am - 10pm
    Sunday: 9am - 10pm

    MONIES for the full festival:
    Early bird (until 30th June): £75
    Lazy bird: £90

    There have been a few people...

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  • vrijdag, 25 augustus 2017: Weekend Acrobat Intensive

    Circus artists flock to Guyzance from 5 different continents each year for Circus. In a Field! as the rest of the festival is dedicated to high-level, quality training in many different areas of the circus arts. Friday 25th - Sunday 27th August sees the Acrobatics Intensive, led by Durham-based, German originating acrobalance stars Forma Fortis. Meals Friday dinner to Sunday Lunch. Show Saturday. DOES NOT INCLUDE MONDAY FESTIVAL TICKET

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  • zaterdag, 7 oktober 2017: Acro & Salto's with Tobias

    We are very happy to welcome Tobias in Brussels for a full weekend of acrobatics !

    Tobias is very creative person and has large skills of teaching acrobatics for all levels. L & S basing, dynamic elements from lindy hop and rock and roll, hand to hand, pairs and group balance work.


    The workshop is based on a mix of acrobatics, rock 'n' roll and lindy hop trick's !
    The set up of the workshops will be in a way that you can join if you have the required level, but if you are on a higher level you can benefit from the workshop as well by improving your technique. If there are specific tricks or techniques you want to learn we can decide to work on that (if the rest of the group agrees). The tricks will be adapted to the level of the group..
    You can register with or without a partner.


    Saturday (beginners - intermediate)
    pre requisites: basic acro experience, no fear of being upside down for flyers...

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  • vrijdag, 18 mei 2018: Dutch Acrobatic Convention 2018 (Nederlands Acrobatiekfestival)

    The Dutch Acrobatic Convention 2018 will take place in Amersfoort from 18 - 21 May.

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