Back extention to hand to hand

Number of persons:
Position of the flyer: ,
Position of the base:
Gymnastic position:

T assumes a supine position on the already supine B, with partners grasping hands (picture 1). The exact position must be determined by individual experiment, but once established must be carefully noted. B has legs separated to give T a stable starting base. T then pikes and rolls backward rapidly (picture 2) as described in the back extension to the head balance and the hand balance. As T snaps into the hand balance, B must have the elbows firmly planted in the low low position to give T a solid foundation to push against (picture 3). B then immediately presses T into the low position (picture 4). The entire sequence must be performed in a continuous motion in order to develop sufficient momentum to put T at arms length without intermediate hesitations.

The starting position may also be entered by T standing at B’s head, grasping hands as if preparing to press into a balance, but then , as B lowers the arms, ducking and rolling over slowly until supine (picture 1).

Back extention to hand to hand Back extention to hand to hand Back extention to hand to hand
Back extention to hand to hand

Balancing & Sport Acrobatics, Stan Buchholtz, 1978