Number of persons: ,
Position of the flyer:
Position of the base:
Gymnastic position:

The Besom*-variations:

  1. Middle make a chair on the base; The base takes the calves(**) of the middle, just below the knees. The middle takes the arms of the Flyer just like a regular chair. The Flyer steps with one feet on the thigh of the base and immediately continues to the upper legs of the middle.
    (**: The base could also immediately grab the calves)

  2. The Flyer is sitting on the shoulders of the Base. The Middle makes a chair as described in #1. The Flyer and Middle make hand contact. The Flyer carefully (carefully, because of the shifting of the weight) on the legs of the Middle.

  3. The flyer stands on the shoulders of the base. Continue as in #2 (when the middle steps into the chair, the base keeps on pushing the other leg to his head to stabilize)

  4. From a "twisted pirate": The flyer stands on the shoulders of the base, the middle stands in front, facing the base. Middle and flyer hold hands, Base and flyer bend their legs, the base puts his hand on the hips of the middle. Base and flyer stand straight up and the base pushes his hands out in front while the middle arches a bit. From this 'pirate'-position the middle places his feet on the legs of the base (delicate balance!).
    Continue as #2

  5. Simultaneous frontal step: The middle is stand on the right in front of the base, the flyer left behind. Middle and flyer hold hands. Both place their outer leg on the nearest leg of the base, who holds the calf of the middle. The middle gives and arms-tempo, after which the middle and the flyer simultaneously step up. The middle places his second left (the base holds the other calf) and the flyer continues from the tempo immediately to the legs of the middle.

  6. Simultaneous step from behind: An alteration of #4; the middle comes closer to the base and the flyer steps from the hip of the base to his shoulder.
    Continue to chair.

  7. Tempo inside: The middle and flyer face each other, the base stands behind the flyer. The middle places one foot on the upper leg of the base who holds the calf. The middle steps on the second leg of the base who grabs the second calf. Middle and flyer hold arms and with a tempo the flyer  jumplifts to the legs of the middle.

  8. The base makes a bridge on hands and feet (belly upwards). The middle stands at the feet, the flyer at the hands. Flyer and middle hold arms and step (diagonally!) at the same time to the upper legs/the shoulders of the base. Hanging by the hands, the flyer puts a foot on the leg of the middle. The middle slowly takes the weight towards him until the second foot of the flyer releases from the shoulder (but no jump allowed) Make sure that when getting the flyer towards the middle, no weight moves outwards;  this will push over the legs of the base.

* In Dutch we call it 'Takkenbos', which translates as faggot (which also means fascist!!) but a Takkenbos is part of a 'bezem', a besom...


Met vier.

Besom-variations Besom-variations Besom-variations

Foto 1: Foto 2: Ron Vonk Foto 3: IJs en Weder, Peter van Valkenhoef & Gelbrich Bierma, 1989, Oostenrijk.