Handstand in hands low

Number of persons:
Position of the flyer:
Position of the base:
Gymnastic position:

Start with a Shoulderstand on the feet. The Flyer stands as much as possible on the front for the feet of the Base, the head is free of the ankles. Flyer keeps a good portion of body-tension.

The arms of both the Base and he Flyer are stretched. The Base brings the arms width a wide movement towards underneath the shoulders of the Flyer (thus bending the Bases' arms) and at the same time brings the flyer a bit in front (with the feet).

Then the Base tells the flyer to make the handstand as in transferring the weight from the shoulders to the hands. Then the base can actually carry the handstand.

Balancing, the base stretches out his/her arms to bring the handstand straight above the chest.

Descend by either cartwheelnig off or ba going back to the shoulderstand..

  • The base brings the elbows on the ground and the Flyer makes a handstand on this fixed point (See the last colour image)
  • In stead of a handstand in hands the flyer can also roll through to continue to an L-sit in the hands of the base. Good ab exercise...

Behind the fyler with two hands around the hips.

Handstand in hands low Handstand in hands low Handstand in hands low
Handstand in hands low Handstand in hands low
Handstand in hands

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