High back angel

Number of persons:
Position of the flyer: ,
Position of the base:

Standing facing the same direction as T. B places hands on T’s hips (picture 1). T
then rises on toes. crouches and springs strongly upwards and backward as B also drives erect and pushes T overhead. T extends arms overhead, and draws one leg into a stag pose as the final position is approached (not on the picture).

This move requires more strength on B's part as T cannot assist in weight support, although the action of throwing the arms overhead vigorously aids considerably. Here again, T strives to direct the line of the jump in close to B so that B can exert the most efficient “pressing“ action.

High back angel High back angel High back angel
High back angel High back angel

Uit 'Akrobatiek' van Gerard en Benny Huisman