High butterfly

Number of persons:
Position of the flyer:
Position of the base:

(or sidestar)

Base and flyer are standing next to each other, with arms and legs wide holding each other with the inner hands.

When both turn in on the inner leg and face each other, the flyer starts a vertical jump and the base places a hand on the side of the hip of the flyer (in the fold of the leg).

The flyer stretches its left arm down next to the hip in order for the base to be able to cary that point.

The flyer places the right hand on the left shoulder of the Base. After the jump, the flyer stays tucked for a bit longer in order to pull herself on top of the base after which she opens up in star.

The base starts almost squatting, follows the jump of the flyer and stretches the left arm besides his head straight up and supports the flyer with the whole hand on the hip.

The right hand goes up besides the body and once on top, both partners let that hand go.

DOWN: The base five again his right hand to the flyer. Flyer grabs it and the base caries its flyer at the hip back to the floor.


Behind the flyer and if if required a second spotter in front of the flyer.

High butterfly High butterfly High butterfly
High butterfly High butterfly High butterfly
In het Duits noemt men dit de Snoek. In Germany some call this the "Snoek".

Op de 1e foto: Karlsruhe, mei 2002, Aggi en Ellert

2e foto: Annemiek en Noël, schijnbaar ergens in de eighties :) Hugo@truuk.nl