High thigh balance

Number of persons:
Position of the flyer: ,
Position of the base:

B must crouch fairly low to get into the starting position (picture 1). At the signal, T lowers and recoils rapidly upwards, throwing the arms for additional momentum. Although T jumps slightly forward to get directly over B, care must be taken not to bend forward at the waist, but maintain the erect posture described above.

B drives erect at the same time to increase T’s thrust, and presses T overhead (picture 2). Some difficulty may be experienced in completely "locking out" the arms due to the closeness of the grip, and B should strive to support T well overhead to reduce the strain.

When lowering, B should support T until ground contact is made.

High thigh balance High thigh balance

Balancing & Sport Acrobatics, Stan Buchholtz, 1978