Kneeling in hands (Maria)

Number of persons:
Position of the flyer:
Position of the base:

The flyer helps the base down and, leaning on the extended arms of the base, steps onto his knees.

The flyer takes hold of the wrists of the base. While the flyer slightly leans in front, the base grabs hold of the knees of the flyer.

The flyer stretches out above his knees, lets go of the wrists of the base and brings his hips forward. The flyer keeps his feet still to the knees of the base.

While the flyer stretches out, the base moves his arms and knees more above him, until his arms are extended straight up from his shoulders.

When the flyer is stable on (only) the hands, the base can put his legs flat on the ground.

The flyer keeps pushing his lower legs a bit towards the ground.


You can also reach the Maria-position from the "grada" (not on the picture):

The flyer then starts lying on the ground with the legs bend towards the standing base and the feet parallel against his knees.

The base puts his hands around the knees of his flyer en pulls them towards him by leaning backwards.

The flyer is not yet moving actively but allows himself to be pulled up and in forward. When the base can' hang further on the knees, the flyer tensions his abs by which he comes up to the "counter-frog"-position.

With a balancing flyer the base moves the hands towards under the knees and and lies down with stretched arms.

Then, continue as above


At the upper arms of the base.

When in "grada" especially during the getting on the knees.

Kneeling in hands (Maria) Kneeling in hands (Maria) Kneeling in hands (Maria)
Kneeling in hands (Maria) Kneeling in hands (Maria)

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