Number of persons:
Position of the base:

You start this trick as the nodding donkey. The base moves his hands to the lower belly of its flyer to be able to follow the next movements. The flyer stretches the arms up.

The base lets the flyer fall in front, not too quick. In one movement, the flyers makes itself small (chin on chest, hands around your head) and swings through the legs of the base. In the beginning of the movement, the base hangs behind to be able to slow down its flyer, then the base bends in front to allow the flyer to swing through the legs.

Then the flyer swings back up. The base helps. As soon as the flyer gets from below the base, he/she stretches out again.

Base places the flyer again on the floor.


At the upper arm of the flyer (who can smack with its face into the floor)

Monkey Monkey Monkey
Monkey Monkey Monkey
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